Summary: Emma is in love with Regina, and the savior has a ton of magic no one knows about. So Emma invents a sixteen week plan on how to get Regina to like her, without anyone, especially Regina, knowing who she is. So now she just has to hope against all odds that her plan works. And it all starts with song selection.

Rated T


Fic Recs - Swan Queen II


It’s been a long while since I gave it a shot at recommending Swan Queen fics.

If you’re as much into plot bunnies as I am:

The Cellar - “The air is damp. A chilling breeze nips at her skin, exciting the light hairs on the nape of her neck; it hurts- sore from being slumped over for an indiscernible amount of time since she had been fading in and out of consciousness. She can feel her back ache as she straightens her spine, whimpering in mild pain at the injustice of such a position.” (this is a horror story. horror is one of my favourite literary genres, and this is one of my favourite fics, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea - so tread carefully with this one) WIP

Conquest of Spaces - “With Hook’s help, Emma, Regina and the two idiots find a way to Neverland, the realm Henry was kidnapped to. Nothing is like it seems on that island, though, and not only Emma has to discover that things aren’t always what they look like and that sometimes the true villain is a disembodied shadow behind the face of a boy named Peter Pan.” (what 3A wishes it could’ve been)

Beyond the Walls (I Saw a Prince) - “Post-midseason finale, one year later. An amnesiac Henry returns to his grandparents’ castle in the Enchanted Forest, where he quickly grows fascinated with the mysterious sorceress who’s training his mother in magic– and who’s the one person in the castle he’s forbidden to ever meet.” (what 3B should’ve been - with honorary mentions to Mother’s cages were never so large, we just lie awake in a stolen thought and The Goblin’s Glass)

This Game We Play - “A Murder. A Visitation. A Family Dinner. When the citizens of Storybrooke are shaken by a mysterious but deadly invite, Emma finds herself heading up the investigation on a seemingly unsolvable case. But with her ever-blossoming friendship with Regina moving forwards, and her relationship with her mother moving backwards - not to mention the fact Ruby’s stopped talking to her - the Sheriff of Storybrooke would probably rather face the strange spirits invading her town than the toubles of her own personal life.”

Hell yeah!, smutfest:

Gratitude - "Believe me, Regina, if I was gonna get on my knees, the last thing I would be doing down there is thanking you."

Merely This and Nothing More - uh… this is awesome PWP, pretty much

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